Cant See The Forest For The TREES.

Updated: Feb 22

We started our permitting process and there are several code requirement hurdles that we've experienced. One of the code requirement deals with the number of trees required on a lot. The Land Development Code (LDC) for Mexico Beach code reads:

Planting Requirements (LDC Section 4-6)

  1. Trees A ratio of one (1) tree for every fifty (50) linear feet of boundary is required. Trees shall have a minimum overall height of ten (10) to twelve (12) feet at time of planting. These trees should be concentrated in the perimeter landscape areas. This provision is not intended to require trees to be equally spaced. Creative design and spacing is encouraged. However, the plants shall be spread along the length of the buffer. Native species that need less water and maintenance are preferred.

So for our property, a 50' x 150' lot, the permitter area is 400 linear feet... divided by (50) means we need eight tree of at least (10) to (12) feet in height. With the structures covering 40% of our lot, parking area, decks and walkways, it's gonna be hard to find room to plant this many mature trees.

Doing a quick search online, the Mexico Beach area is ideally suited for plants that can live in Zone 9. The LDC recommends a host of different types of trees, but only one type of palm tree. The LDC also addresses shrubs and ground cover restrictions. All the landscape requirements can be found at


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