FREE Money For Your Rebuild

When we started looking at the rebuilding costs, I began wondering if there might be way to take advantage of programs offered by the utility companies, designed to encourage upgrade for older appliances. The Gas company offers these programs to persuade homeowners to switch from electric to natural gas, to take pressure off the power grid.

So, I reached out to St. Joe Gas Company's - Andy Shoaf - (850) 229-8216 x208). He's been extremely helpful outlining the rebate programs available. He sent me this rebate schedule.

If you plan to install a furnace, the gas company will install the meter and run gas lines up to the house. Once the appliances are installed, they also connect them for free. This can normally cost between $500 to $600.

These rebates may also be available for those needing to replace appliances damaged by the storm. It's certainly worth a call to Andy to see if you qualify. You can also email him at


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